04/19/2020 FCCdata/ Enhancements to "LMS only" FM facility records Enhancement,
04/15/2020 FCCdata: resolve performance issue on dialscape Enhancement
04/14/2020 HTML applications Enhancement
04/07/2020 MyLPFM v2 19-193 preliminary enhancement Enhancement myLPFM v2
03/01/2020 Audio streaming issues due to Chrome v80 Enhancement, Other outside issue J1 Hits audio streaming, J1 XTRA audio streaming, J1 GOLD audio streaming, Delmarva FM audio streaming, website, website
02/25/2020 Amateur radio data not available-rebuilding Manual data update, REC systems issue
02/25/2020 FCCdata UK station name search Enhancement
02/23/2020 [2.24.20] Internal database realignment-may impact FCCdata & other systems Enhancement, Scheduled maintenance
02/17/2020 Data updates for Mexico, Japan and UK Manual data update
02/17/2020 LPFM.US channel changes Enhancement LPFM.US