08/15/2022 Granted call sign requests Enhancement
08/14/2022 FCCdata/eLMS: FM translator primary stations Enhancement, eLMS
08/06/2022 Handling of vacant allotments in channel searches Enhancement myLPFM v3, PREMIS, eLMS, DataStore
08/02/2022 FCCdata: Display of AM facilities Enhancement, eLMS, DataStore
08/02/2022 FCCdata: Fixed issue related to entry by call sign (FCC broadcast) Enhancement, eLMS, DataStore
07/03/2022 eLMS & FCCdata: Silence Log Enhancement, eLMS
06/25/2022 eLMS/FCCdata: Call Sign Changes Enhancement,, eLMS
06/25/2022 Field strength curves related issues resolved REC systems issue, REC Website Content, eLMS
06/16/2022 Scheduled maintenance June 18~20, 2022 Enhancement, Scheduled maintenance, REC Website Content, eLMS, DataStore, RealTime Updates
05/30/2022 Official release of eLMS version 2 + other weekend fixes Enhancement,, REC Website Content, eLMS, DataStore, RealTime Updates