Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) Support - Initial phase

The internal REC CAP Polling system will now monitor the FEMA IPAWS endpoint for Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) and on a temporary basis, the test data endpoint for WEA.  Data from each endpoint will have a unique alert type code in order to distinguish between test and live WEA.  

Validation of this functionality cannot take place until alerts are received either in the live or test data endpoints.  When the code is validated, we will remove the query to the WEA test endpoint and purge the database of all test alerts.  

The CAP public viewer (recnet.com/cap) has been updated to provide basic support for WEA.  WEA will show with a peach color background and the type code of "WEA" (as opposed to "EAS").  While still connected to the test endpoint, test WEA alerts will show with the type code of "WEA-TEST" and a peach background. 

While testing is taking place, we as that any WEA (either through the live or test endpoints) not be treated as authoritative until we clear the warning message from the CAP Public Viewer.


Saturday, April 29, 2023
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