12/05/2018 Mexico facility ID cross references, FM complementary transmitters Manual data update, Enhancement
11/30/2018 Mexico conversion to semi-automated IFT data Enhancement
11/26/2018 November, 2018 release - Merger of denpahoso code-base and other enhancements. Enhancement, Voluntary Public File System
11/19/2018 Launch Voluntary Public Inspection File system Enhancement, Voluntary Public File System, REC Website Content
11/05/2018 FCCdata expansion into Mexico Manual data update, Enhancement
10/29/2018 Pacifica programming added to REC-FM Enhancement Delmarva FM audio streaming, website
10/28/2018 IFT Mexican Data Enhancement
09/12/2018 Add objection flags and link to correspondence file Enhancement
08/28/2018 Conversion of mapping to OpenLayers3 Enhancement, Other outside issue, myLPFM v3, REC Website Content, website, J1 Earthquake Site
07/18/2018 Launch of ARRR Manual data update, Enhancement ARRR, REC Website Content