FCCdata: Prep for LPFM.us 2023 listings

Modified FCC FM portion of FCCdata to prepare for the 2023 listings for LPFM.us, the National LPFM Station Directory. 

Full listings (including enhanced presence on FCCdata.org) will be limited to LPFM stations that are either:

  • In a client relationship with REC Networks with a historical minimal spend of at least $350; or
  • An LPFM station that has enrolled in the myLPFM.com station management tool, regardless of REC client relationship or historical spend.

Stations without full listings will still be seen on FCCdata, but they will lack the separate LPFM.us section and the station logo.  

This does not impact the station's listing at RadioDNS if they have registered through a means other than myLPFM. 


Sunday, December 25, 2022
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