10/17/2019 FCCdata LMS realtime - temporary engineering records Enhancement,
10/15/2019 Links to LMS applications just filed. Enhancement
10/11/2019 - real time LMS update fix Enhancement
10/10/2019 myLPFM, NCE Search and PREMIS now LMS READY Enhancement myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool
10/08/2019 Psuedo LMS application IDs, U/D Calculator LMS READY Enhancement, REC Website Content
09/27/2019 VPIF: Support for LMS applications Enhancement Voluntary Public File System
09/26/2019 Implementation of LMS for FM broadcast - impacts on REC database services Enhancement, FCC issue,, myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool, PREMIS
09/25/2019 EZform release - conversion to LMS Enhancement REC Website Content
09/24/2019 Japan: Community stations + 2019 new AM relay & wide-FM facilities Manual data update
09/22/2019 Major optimization of the underlying database Scheduled maintenance,, myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool, Voluntary Public File System, Runway Slope, Tower Finder, NADCON, PREMIS, FMMAP, ARRR, REC Website Content, website, J1 Earthquake Site, website