LPFM.us/FCCdata: Implementation of 2023 listing policy

LPFM.us has been updated to reflect the new 2023 listings policy.  Under the new listings policy, a full listing, which includes links, station logo and other robust information pieces are limited to LPFM stations that fall under one of the following categories:

  • Is currently a user of myLPFM or the Voluntary Public Inspection File system; or
  • Is a past REC Networks LPFM station client with a historical spend of at least $350 for the lifetime of the facility.

For state listings in LPFM.us, a seventh category has been added for "other LPFM stations" that do not meet the listing policy criterion and do not fall under a traveler information station, religious satellite network station or REC featured station.

FCCdata has been updated to require a full listing status in order to display the station's logo and the LPFM.us listing data section.  

LPFM stations may restore this display by simply signing up for myLPFM.  There is no charge for access to restore the enhanced information in both LPFM.us and FCCdata.


Saturday, December 31, 2022
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