06/01/2023 Call sign activity Enhancement REC Website Content, eLMS
05/29/2023 New Enforcement History (Dingers) system Enhancement, REC Website Content, DataStore
05/21/2023 DIRS Status Reporting Enhancement, REC Website Content, DataStore
05/05/2023 CAP Tool: Cancelled IPAWS alerts Enhancement DataStore
04/29/2023 Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) Support - Initial phase Enhancement REC Website Content, DataStore
04/20/2023 Foreign FM allotments in searches Enhancement, FCC issue DataStore
04/09/2023 FMmap: Code update and periodic updates Enhancement FMMAP
04/06/2023 Elimination of Enhancement
04/01/2023 Bug Fixes: LMS data and myLPFM Enhancement, myLPFM v3, DataStore
01/22/2023 LMS data: Missing call signs Manual data update, FCC issue, myLPFM v3, Voluntary Public File System, REC Website Content, LPFM.US, DataStore