02/23/2022 Electronic Documents (EDOCS) Interface Enhancement REC Website Content
02/23/2022 Window Tracker: 2010 NCE Allotment Window data Manual data update REC Website Content
02/21/2022 Window Tracker: 2000/2001 LPFM Window Data Enhancement REC Website Content, eLMS, DataStore
02/19/2022 New HAAT Tool, LMSBOT fixes for weekend grants and federal holidays Enhancement,, REC Website Content, eLMS, RealTime Updates
01/30/2022 Window Tool: Split Groups Enhancement REC Website Content
01/25/2022 FCCdata: Amateur Radio DMR IDs Enhancement
01/08/2022 eLMS: Contour maps & Accepted for Filing status Enhancement, eLMS
01/06/2022 Window: Grant order and missing applications Enhancement REC Website Content
01/02/2022 Inventory 2022 Manual data update LPFM.US, DataStore
12/18/2021 REC OPERATIONAL UPDATE: Office operations disrupted. (updated 12-19 15:10) REC systems issue