REC operational status (December 1, 2023, until further notice) - REC is in modified operations due to the upcoming LPFM filing window and other resource intensive projects. We are currently not accepting any incoming live telephone calls. Callers are advised to please leave a message on the voice mail. Those with questions about LPFM can visit to get a general explanation of the service or use the resources at to get more information to more detailed issues (see and

At this time, we are in embargo for all services except:

  • License to cover applications on REC handled applications.
  • Extensions of REC handled STA applications.
  • STA and silent requests directly related to a natural disaster.
  • Activities related to the National Periodic Test (limited to those who paid for Form One earlier this year).
  • The embargo is expected be lifted on December 18, 2023 or if we can determine that we have adequate resource time to handle embargoed application types. The embargo may be extended in the event of a government shutdown where the filing date for the LPFM window is extended. Thank you for your understanding.

    Last minute LPFM requests: REC is receiving a deluge of last minute requests for LPFM station filings for the window. We remind last minute requesters that we have had the Show of Interest system open FOR OVER ONE YEAR and we shut it down in mid-November. So far, over 70 prospective LPFM applicants followed the proper procedure and used the tool when it was available. Now, we are receiving additional requests by email and phone. Our current stand on this is that we may or may not be able to work with you. Our clients who came through the proper channels will be handled first! At this time, if you have procrastinated and decide to send a request to REC at the last minute, we will examine each request and handle them on a stand-by basis. Priority will be given to earlier requests, to requests not needing a second-adjacent waiver and those who have provided us with complete information.

    To see all of the information we need, click here. If you can't provide all of that information, then its too late. The Podcast is on hiatus until after the close of the LPFM filing window.

    REC advises Southern CA 105.5 LPFM applicants and licensed station KWBB-LP of a major encroachment

    Minor change by KXRS Hemet puts 105.5 out of business.

    On February 11, 2004, the FCC has accepted for filing an application by KXRS in Hemet that is making a minor change that will move the transmitter location significantly closer to San Bernardino as well as change the channel from Ch 289A (105.7) to 288A (105.5).

    This minor change will have a significant impact on FCC MX Group #8. The new city grade contour of KXRS will create significant overlap to the service contours of all 7 proposed LPFM stations in San Bernardino. By law, these stations will cause and receive harmful interference to and from KXRS. Pending the grant of this Construction Permit, REC advises these applicants to not consider building on this channel.

    The following applicants are impacted:

    Statement of REC Networks regarding FCC Report to Congress on LPFM Interference

    Statement in support of the FCC report to Congress.

    REC supports the FCC's report to Congress today stating that LPFM stations can safely operate on third adjacent channels utilizing the interference resolution procedures established in the original LPFM rules.

    REC agrees with the FCC that the second study on the economic impact on incumbent broadcasters due to LPFM stations is completely unecessary based on the extremely unlikely expected cases of LPFM interference.

    REC applauds our own John McCain for embracing the FCC's statement and we hope he will help expedite legislative relief of the third adjacent channel restriction.

    300th LPFM Station On The Air

    The number of stations is growing slowly.

    REC congratulates Transformation International, permitee of KRAD-LP, Lebanon OR for being the 300th on-air LPFM.

    An on-air LPFM is considered as a station who's license to cover has been accepted for filing with the FCC.

    Hardcore J announces air times for year end countdown shows.

    The Hardcore J Top 100 of 2003 and the Hardcore J "It's So Cute!" Countdown.

    REC Networks has announced the times that Hardcore J's year-end programs will be aired.

    THE HARDCORE J TOP 100 OF 2003
    The year-end countdown of the Top 100 J-pop singles based on overall chart statisitcs throughout the year.
    First airing:
    Wednesday 12/31 - 2PM PST
    Wednesday 12/31 - 5PM EST
    Wednesday 12/31 - 2200 UTC
    Thursday 1/1 - 07.00 JST (Japan)

    Second airing:
    Thursday 1/1 - 1AM PST
    Thursday 1/1 - 4AM EST
    Thursday 1/1 - 1200 UTC
    Thursday 1/1 - 21.00 JST

    Third Airing:
    Thursday 1/1 - 12 Noon PST
    Thursday 1/1 - 3PM EST
    Thursday 1/1 - 2300 UTC
    Friday 1/2 - 08.00 JST

    A fun countdown featuring the novelty and "cute" J-pop songs.

    Pascua Yaqui finally gets CP two years too late - Commentary on the slow handling of LPFM applications and NCE ownership issues.

    After several years of waiting, Pascua Yaqui Tribe in Tucson finally gets their CP.

    The FCC today has issued a Construction Permit to the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. A federally recognized Native American community located south of Tucson.

    The application was "held back" by two LPFM applications filed by an individual, Michael Krueger. Krueger actually filed 7 LPFM applications in the Tucson area.

    FCC rules prohibit LPFM applicants from filing more than one application in the same area. They also prohibit applications from individuals.

    Both REC and the Pasqua Yaqui filed informal objections with the FCC regarding the Krueger applications and how they were impacting the Pascua Yaqui from being able to construct their station.

    WXGR-LP Destroyed by Fire

    Fire in wood stove takes NH microcaster off the air

    The studio and transmitter of community broadcaster WXGR-LP Dover NH ( was destroyed by a fire.

    WXGR-LP, operated by an organization called "Gritty" (as in "nitty-gritty") was only on the air for about a month playing music as well as international programming from World Radio Network.

    The fire was caused by a wood stove in the building that was provided at no charge to Gritty. The loss was uninsured. Gritty is funded to recover the costs of the equipment lost but the loss of the donated building is estimated at $80,000. The organization is trying to raise funds to recoup the loss.

    Photos of the fire can be found at

    'My 10 Songs' gives HCJ listeners a say

    REC Networks has announced a new program that will start airing on Hardcore J, REC's streaming broadcast that plays Japanese popular music.

    Listeners will be able to enter 10 JPOP songs that were once played on Hardcore J but are no longer played. Hardcore J will then play all ten songs on a weekend program and then the songs requested will be inserted into the playlist rotation for the rest of the week.

    Hardcore J is now taking suggestions for upcoming episides of "My 10 Songs".

    REC's position statement on the elimination of Morse code testing in the Amateur Radio Service.

    REC considers the ability to send and receive Morse code in the Amateur Radio Service as an operating skill...

    REC considers the ability to send and receive Morse code in the Amateur Radio Service as an operating skill just as the operation of a station in the Amateur-Satellite service or the operation of various modes such as Amateur Television (ATV) or Earth-Moon-Earth (EME).

    Even though not every amateur licensee would ever operate some of these modes, they are questioned about these modes on the written examination.


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