REC Full Service

REC is currently providing FCC filing services and related assistance to existing LPFM, FM translator and Full-power FM licensees and construction permit holders. 

Our services for LPFM include:

  • Minor moves (less than 11.2 km or longer where there is contour overlap between the current and proposed facilities)
  • Minor channel changes (+/- 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 10.6 or 10.8 MHz)
  • "Major" channel changes (to any channel if a showing can be made that either incoming or outgoing interference will be reduced.  REC has been very successful in getting these granted)
  • Second adjacent channel waivers (including "depression angle" waivers and REC's infamous "donut" waivers).
  • For stations within 78 miles of the Mexican border, power increases using directional antennas.
  • Administrative changes and minor tower changes (such as changing height on the same tower).
  • Time share agreement changes.
  • Assign License/Transfer Control. 
  • Schedule 319 (License to Cover) filing. [Available through REC EZforms]
  • Schedule 319  antenna, feedline and TPO (transmitter power output) changes. [Available through REC EZforms]
  • Independent review of underwriting copy to identify potential compliance issues.

Our services for FM translators and boosters:

  • Minor moves (where there is contour overlap between both stations)
  • Minor channel changes (+/- 0.2, 0.4, 0,6, 10.6 or 10.8 MHz)
  • Channel changes due to displacement.
  • Second and third adjacent channel waivers.
  • Administrative changes and minor tower changes.
  • Assign License/Transfer Control.
  • New FM booster stations (for existing full-power FM and LPFM stations, these can be filed at any time).

Our services for Full-Power FM:

  • Filing for new stations in the November 2~9, 2021 noncommercial filing window.
  • Filing for allotments and eventual commercial facilities from FCC auctions. 
  • Minor moves (new location and/or channel are mutually exclusive to the existing).
  • Change of Community of License.
  • Community of License eligibility showings.
  • "Tuck" analysis for communities near urbanized areas.

Alaska Class-D FM stations:

  • In Alaska, lower-powered non-commercial FM stations (less than 100 watts) can be applied for at any time without having to wait for a filing window.  (Full-power rules such as main studio, etc. apply.)

Unfortunately, we don't provide any engineering services for AM or TV stations.  Only FM.

Why can't I just use data from myLPFM or RFREE?

The data on these tools are not perfect and to depend solely on these tools, especially for second adjacent channel waivers, these tools do not always take into consideration all potential issues such as interference to potential listeners.  For our professional customers, we use a mix of REC designed tools and commercial broadcast engineering software.  You definitely get a much higher level of service by going with REC without the uncertainty of the accuracy of the online tools or the high prices that some major engineering firms charge. 

Certain applications can be filed with REC EZforms

REC is now providing online ordering of certain professional filing services.  EZforms provides a user friendly method of entering in the information that we need to know and then followed up by our full service treatment to get you filed and through the FCC process.  Applications started through EZforms can be done at a discount to our normal full service procing.  

At this time, you can use EZforms for the following situations:

  • Start the process to file for a new full-service NCE station in the November 2~9, 2021 filing window.
  • Application to cover a construction permit (complete construction) using FCC Form 319.
  • Application to change antenna and/or feedline and adjust transmitter power output using FCC Form 319.
  • LPFM license renewals.

For assistance, please call us at 1-844-REC-LPFM (844-732-5736). 

Contact us by e-mail

The FCC is not accepting applications for new LPFM stations at this time.  REC does not predict another LPFM filing window until at least late 2021 (likely 2023). 

Please note that REC is not a station broker and we do not keep listings of stations and translators for sale.

Thank you for considering REC!