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REC Transfers FMFIND Search Tool to SIRIUS Satellite Radio

REC Networks has reached a technology transfer agreement with SIRIUS Satellite Radio. As a part of the transaction, REC will transfer the rights to use the REC FM Broadcast Channel Search algorithms used for finding suitable frequencies for SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers with built in very low power FM transmitters.

REC Networks will still own the domain name and will provide direct links to the new SIRIUS FM Channel Search application. REC will no longer engage in consumer Part 15 FM channel searches but instead will refer all requests to SIRIUS. REC Networks will continue to maintain weekly updates of the SIRIUS FM database, which will be coincide with REC's standard FCC database update schedule.

REC is not disclosing any other terms of the agreement.

Another nail in the coffin of rural/suburban radio

On Friday during the full Commission meeting, the FCC has adopted a report on MB Docket 05-210 for changes on city of license and other broadcast allotment issues in the AM and FM radio services. According to the FCCs news release, some of the changes include:
- The ability to move an AM or FM radio station from one community of license to another through a minor change application (where in the past for FM, it required amending the Table of Allotments).
- Requiring an FCC Form 301 with the filing fee when petitioning the FCC to drop in an FM allotment.
- Eliminate the prohibition of electronic filing for Table of Allotments proceedings.

FCC: Congress never said anything about second adjacent channels

In a landmark decision, the FCC has granted a waiver of several rules to Thin Air Community Radio, licensee of KYRS-LP in Spokane, WA.

The station, currently faced with encroachment from a metro move by a station in Idaho was looking for creative solutions to keep the station on the air. Under the existing rules, the statation was deadlocked as there were no alternate channels available. Thin Air has filed for 89.9 (Ch. 210) at it's licensed site.

Dementia Radio's "Blindwulf" (1979-2006)

REC Networks, Hardcore J and Anime Hardcore Radio extends our heartfelt condolences to our friends at Dementia Radio with the tragic loss of personality "Blindwulf".

Jamin Peace aka Blindwulf was found dead of an apparent heart failure. He was only 27.

Based on conversation in the Dementia Radio IRC channel (#dementia on EFnet), Blindwulf was blind and was facing a lot of challenges. While we did not know Blindwulf personally, we feel as a member of the webcasting community to come together to mourn his loss.

So to Justin's family and his extended family on Dementia Radio, REC sends it's best in this time of reflection. Look for Dementia Radio to run tribute programming.

This is not your father's "tinkle and drip"

In response to "Fee Fi Fo FiOS"

Anyway, one of the primary reasons why IPTV offerings like AT&T are much less to implement is because they do not necessarily utilize fiber on the last mile. They use the existing copper. Of course, there are arguments that favor the use of existing copper from the crossbox to the prem, especially in newer neighborhoods that are already built out where the telecoms could reach some objection from either the city or the HOAs for digging up yards to place new F2 cable and fiber drops.

KMIH given a new lease on life

REC has received word today that KMIH, the Class D station on Mercer Island, WA that was facing displacement as a result of a very ugly metro-move has been granted a construction permit to change channels and stay on the air.

View the KMIH record at REC FMQ.

This is a creative arrangement where they would be able to move from 104.5 to 88.9 FM and best of all, with the same operating power and antenna parameters they have today.

REC congratulates Mercer Island High School for successfully hanging in there and not giving up in order to save their station in the face of a very evil encroachment.

We should have more information later this week. It is our understanding that the Mercer Island School District will be making an announcement.

"Communication by wire and radio so as to make available, so far as possible, to all the people of the United States..."

The above text is from Section 151 of the Communications Act (47USC151) which in 1934, established the Federal Communications Commission. Unfortunately, due to recent news reports, it seems that the former Commission under the first reign of Baby Bush seems to have forgotten that it is their obligation to provide as far as possible communication by wire and radio to all of the people of the United States.

REC supports AM Translators but not at the expense of LPFM

In comments to the FCC, REC Networks partially agreed with the NAB concept of allowing AM stations to be able to operate FM translators as fill-in services.

Specifically, REC's support is limited to those AM broadcast stations that are not co-owned by an FM station with overlapping coverage. REC recognizes that many of these types of AM stations are minority owned and are facing increasing interference from Cuba as well as eventual interference from nighttime IBOC operations.

AM stations co-owned with FM stations should carry the AM signal on an HD Radio stream.


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