REC Systems Status

11/1/2018  - Planned FCC outage for Saturday, November 3 from 8AM~4PM EDT.    

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myLPFM v2

There is a known issue with the address entry function.  This is related to Google's new charging structure.  As a work around, please enter locations using geographic coordinates.

FCC system outage (11-3-2018 0800~1600 ET) will impact myLPFM's abilities to determine height above average terrain and service contour sizes.  REC recommends  not using myLPFM v2 during this time until the FCC completes their scheduled system outage.

FCC Today



There are some known and possibly unknown issues related to the Google charging structure.  FCCdata is in the process of converting as many functions to in-house or other providers and users may still experience occasional errors.   Please report errors to REC. (FCCdata's Japanese version) is currently not at a  consistent software version as the English language FCCdata site.  Some features in FCCdata are not available in denpahoso.  No ETU.

FCC system outage (11-03-2018 0800~1600 ET) will impact the ability for FCCdata to properly display contour maps where the data is not already cached.  This can include maps related to recent application activity and for records from outside of the USA.  FCC system outage may also impact the ability for FCCdata/Denpahoso to receive the amateur radio and LMS database updates from business on the previous day.  LMS (as well as CDBS) data updates will be attempted again for Monday.

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REC Broadcast Services 
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REC "Toybox" Applications
(LPFM Scoreboard, MX application data, Tower Finder, Available Call Sign List, Time Share Agreements)


Despite FCC system outage (11-03-2018 0800~1600), some Toybox apps that are duplicates of the FCC site such as Tower Finder, FM Model and Curves Calculator will still be available at as they are not dependent on real-time connectivity with the FCC.

J1 Radio and REC-FM (Live Stream Broadcasting)


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Japan Earthquakes

Known issues related to change in Google pricing structure is impacting the display of maps.  Software change project to update mapping planned for 1Q2019.  Textual information is still correct.