FCC.today: EAS state selection

Prior to this change, FCC.today was displaying all alerts that came in on the IPAWS OPEN EAS feed.  This included Required Weekly Tests (RWT) and Required Monthly Tests (RMT) issued by state and local authorities.  

Based on user feedback, we have implemented new functionality in FCC.today which allows users to indicate which states they wish to view alerts from.  

A new option "Adjust Alert Area" will appear.  Clicking that link will take you to a screen where you can check off which states you wish to see alerts for.  You may select as many states as you like.  Not selecting any states will default the system to showing alerts from all states.  The information will be retained as a browser cookie and will remain for 365 days since the last time the information was saved or until the user cleans their browser cookies.   Also, you will need to make these settings on each web browser that you use to access FCC.today, including different browsers on the same computer.

Regardless of which states are set, the following alert types will always be displayed:

  • Alerts originating with the nationwide FIPS code (000000).  These will include Presidential Alerts (national emergencies) and the National Periodic Test.
  • RWT and RMT alerts that originate from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (normally one per time zone).
  • AMBER Alerts (type code 'CAE') from all states.

RWT and RMT messages that originate from a source other than FEMA will only display if the user has that specific state set.


Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Systems affected: 
Issue type: 
Manual data update