System Development: Weekend of 11/18~11/20 2022 impacting FCCdata, myLPFM

During this weekend, we will be making some adjustments to the presentation of data that was previously changed as a part of the System Makeover Project based on user feedback.  During this time, you may experience error messages, unusual displays, live testing of different concepts for text display, etc.  

During this period of time, if text displays strangely, you may want to hold down the [ctrl] key and press the [refresh] on the browser to assure that the most current style sheet is loaded in the browser.

We will also be looking at the links to the HTML versions of applications at the FCC LMS to assure that they are up to date with all of the new application types that have been recently added to LMS throughout 2022. 

We do not expect any total outage of the service. 

For myLPFM, we will doing some additional work to prepare for the myLPFM v3.2 release.   If we get access issues with FEMA resolved by 11/23, then we plan to release myLPFM v3.2 during the Thanksgiving holiday system maintenance window running from 11/24~11/27, 2022. 

ETU 11/20/22 at 6PM.


Friday, November 18, 2022
Systems affected:
Issue type: 
Scheduled maintenance