LMS backend: daily updating service

In Thursday's and Friday's heavy maintenance, REC completely rebuilt the system that processes the data received daily from the FCC on the LMS batch raw data file download.

The new methods are done in a manner that substantially reduces the amount of load on the database during the morning updates by only updating the changed and new items as opposed to a complete build of the LMS database.  

These services operate entirely behind the scenes and have no direct impact on the public facing interfaces.  This should reduce some of the lag that takes place when accessing the systems during the period of the morning load and reduce the potential of out of memory errors, which has been a problem in the past.

The daily build of CDBS will continue to use the legacy loading method, however with all services except AM engineering now transitioned to LMS, we are now processing a minimal number of CDBS tables on a weekday basis. 

Heavy maintenance will continue into the weekend with work on the services that interact between LMS and eLMS.  During this period, users may experience a temporary loss of application history and engineering information in FCCdata, especially for TV records.  In addition, other services such as LPFM channel searches may be impacted.  


Friday, November 25, 2022
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