LMS Database: Heavy Maintenance - Updated 11/25 7:15 PM ET - Maintenance affecting FCCdata, myLPFM, LPFM.us and PREMIS. LPFM.APP temporary outage.

From 11/24~11/27, REC will be conducting maintenance with the LMS database facility.  This maintenance will be done to address system response, especially during periods of the morning update as well as repairing the raw data received from the FCC which is corrupted by wild line feeds.  

During this period of time, we expect for the most part that the systems will behave normally in FCC FM and AM.  Since FCCdata takes TV engineering data directly from the LMS data (as opposed to through eLMS), you may see some interruptions such as error messages, incomplete or inaccurate results.  

--- Update 11/24 11:05 AM ET ---

We will be re-running our normal morning database loading routine to test the some repairs made.  Some systems will have limited data.  The morning run usually takes about 2 hours to go through.

--- Update 11/24 07:55 PM ET ---

The Friday morning CDBS/LMS load will be delayed until later in the day.  

--- Update 11/25 1:50 PM ET ---

The Friday morning update using the new LMS updater has been completed through manual process.   System maintenance activities continue, but for now, Friday's update has been published to systems.  We do note that these updates may have "broken" some things.  We are now looking for those issues.  If you notice some functionality is not acting right as of today, please contact REC. 

More information available at this changelog.

--- Update 11/25 7:15 PM ET ---

For Saturday, REC is working on some back end systems that interact between LMS, eLMS and our tables used for LPFM channel searches.  During this period, users should expect the following:

FCCdata: At times, application lists may not display as well as the engineering data on the left side of the screen.  This could be on any FCC broadcast service (FM, AM, TV or HF).  There is no planned impact to Amateur Radio data nor to any data from an administration outside of the United States.

myLPFM: myLPFM will be operational however we are asking users to not run any LPFM channel searches, encorachment reports, channel reports or non-adjacent channel studies on Saturday or Sunday (or while the message on the site displays).  All other myLPFM services are expected to be operational. 

LPFM.us: At times, the listings may disappear while we are working on back end systems.  Stations will still be able to update their listings and logo through myLPFM.

PREMIS:  During the maintenance period, basic LPFM availability information from PREMIS may be unreliable.  We ask that you do not depend on that data until at least Monday 11/28. 

LPFM.APP: During the maintenance period, LPFM.APP (for those wishing to participate in a future LPFM filing window) will be unavailable until conclusion of the heavy maintenance.  Users of LPFM.APP should return on Monday to run searches and check their accounts. 

-- Update 11/27/22 17:30 --

Closing the ticket and completing the weekend project.   Changelog to follow.

ETU 11/27 6PM ET or earlier.


Thursday, November 24, 2022
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v3
Filing Window Tracking Tool
Issue type: 
Scheduled maintenance