05/29/2021 myLPFM: LP-250 message Enhancement myLPFM v3
05/23/2021 LP-250 RM-11909 related changes Manual data update, Enhancement DataStore
05/07/2021 FCCdata: LMS application status history Enhancement
05/05/2021 FCCdata: flag bug REC systems issue
05/03/2021 FCCdata: Tower payload Enhancement
04/29/2021 FCCdata: Tower payload Enhancement
04/28/2021 NCE Search passing data to EZforms Enhancement NCE Preliminary Search Tool, REC Website Content
04/25/2021 EZform: NCE FM Show of Interest Enhancement REC Website Content
04/08/2021 FCCdata: FM associated file numbers, AM/HF application lists Manual data update, Enhancement, eLMS
04/07/2021 New "Accepted for Filing" Status Enhancement,, REC Website Content, eLMS, DataStore