REC on Newsline - well sort of...

Well, sounds like Amateur Radio Newsline had a story this week about REC. I seriously question if they did any research on the issue and on REC Networks. Even though I have a ham license, REC Networks is not an amateur radio organization. REC Networks cares about issues that assures private citizens access to the airwaves. Even though most of our focus is on broadcast radio (mostly LPFM) but we do comment on other spectrum issues, such as amateur radio.

First of all, this is an EXTREMELY OLD story. REC filed our amicus filing and did a news release and a podcast to report this filing back in June (remember, this is currently late September).

REC proposes LPFM protections - updates LPFM Tool

The REC LPFM Channel Search Tool has been upgraded with some new functionality. This new functionality placed in the system as a result of the FCC's latest Notice for Proposed Rulemaking allows you to perform various scenarios in relation to protection to translators. Feel free to give it a try.

There is button the search tool that allows you to automatically select all of the parameters that are being considered by REC in comments in 99-25. Under REC's current proposal, we are looking at the following changes:

REC Releases New Position Statement on 'Commercial' LPFM

Supports additional leeway for LPFMs to broadacst promotional announcments.

Today, REC Networks has released a new Position Statement addressing the issue of LPFM stations being allowed to air commercials.

The revised Position Statement was as a result of comments made by others in the LPFM community and after serious consideration by REC of the issue.

In the Position Statement, REC continues to oppose commercial LPFM stations operated in a manner similar to other commercial broadcast stations.

Actuality Advisory: REC column in Radio World / REC interview on WTND-LP

Advisory of actualites regarding the REC column in Radio World.

REC Networks has been advised that an editorial column that was written by REC's Rich Eyre has appeared in the December 15, 2004 printed edition of "Radio World". REC will release a copy of the unedited column on our website and through the reclpfm Yahoo group this weekend.

In addition, REC's Rich Eyre appeared for two hours on the December 17, 2004 edition of "Tech This!" that airs on WTND-LP and via satellite. The program included a discussion that addressed the following issues:
- The Radio World column regarding the LPFM and Distant Translator debate.
- REC's LPFM Petition for Rulemaking
- REC's current issues with Live365 (changes in Japan)
- REC's telephone entertainment past.

REC reaches out to K-Love/Air-1 to clarify LPFM position

Addresses listener's concern of losing the station that they listen to

REC Networks, a provider of database information and advocacy to the secular and faith-based LPFM community has released a placed a special message to listeners of the non-commercial FM stations operated by Educational Media Foundation (EMF) and their affilliates.

04-233: REC comments on Broadcast Localism

REC to FCC: Major changes in policy are necessary to promote localism

REC Networks has told the FCC that serious changes need to be made to support local voices have access to the airwaves. REC continues to affirm it's position that because of a serious expansion of full power FM broadcast stations into areas that were otherwise underserved in the past, the FCC needs to seriously consider the status of FM translators including those that do not rebroadcast a local station.

Educational Media Foundation, the operator of two satellite translator networks K-Love and Air1 have encouraged their listeners to fight any attempts to have LPFM displace their translators. Many listeners did comment.