FCC opens restricted FM translator filing window for non-commercial MX (2003 Window) applicants

On November 16, 2015, the FCC opened a filing window for 69 non-commercial educational (NCE) translator applications filed during the 2003 Auction 83 "Great Translator Invasion" window which remain mutually exclusive.

These 69 applicants must file a full Form 349 including section IV for Point System Factors.

The 69 applicants, divided into 31 groups will have until December 16, 2015 where they can make "minor" changes to their applications.  Any major changes, new conflicts or new mutually exclusitivity will result in dismissal with no opportunity to amend. 

MX applicants are in Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.  Most groups are two applicants.  One group spanning Indiana and Kentucky has 4 applicants. 

Applications will be accepted first-come, first-served.  There is no application freeze for LPFM.

If mutual exclusitivity remains after December 16, 2015, a point system will be used.  7 total points are possible:

  1. Established local applicant, - organizations with a headquarters, campus or 75 percent of the board members residing within 25 miles of the reference coordinates of the community of license.
  2. Diversity of ownership (2 points) - proposed station can't overlap with any other station which any party to the application holds an attributable interest.
  3. State-wide network (2 points) - state-wide networks providing programming to accredited schools.  Points only available to applicants that can not claim credit for diversity of ownership.
  4. Technical parameters - One point if the proposed service area and population are 10% greater than those of the next best area and population proposals or two points if both are 25 percent greater than those of the next best area and population proposals based on each station's 60 dBu service contour.

If there is still a tie, the applicant with the fewest number of radio station authorizations will win.  If there is still tie, the number of pending radio station applications attributable to each applicant will be taken into consideraiton.  If there is still a tie, the FCC will select the "first applicant to file". 

LPFM applicants who are looking to file in these areas should do so as soon as possible to assure that they can receive their new channel or location.  Please contact REC at 1-844-REC-LPFM for assistance.   REC may be able to work with translator applicants on their Form 349 filing, please contact us for details. 

REC is understanding that after this window, there will still be 8 applications and 4 groups that will partipate in FM Translator Auction 83. 

MX groups are as follows:

  1. Seward/Primrose, AK (Chs. 243/244)
  2. Seward/Primrose, AK (Chs. 248/250) - 3 applicants
  3. Green Valley, AZ (Ch. 284)
  4. Pine, AZ (Ch. 288/291)
  5. Ager, CA and Klamath Junction, OR (Ch. 260)
  6. Carrabelle, FL (Ch. 225)
  7. Apalachiola and East Point, FL (Chs. 237/238)
  8. Carrabelle and Apalachiola, FL (Ch. 251) - 3 applicants
  9. Apalachiola and East Point, FL (Ch. 275)
  10. Vero Beach & South Beach, FL (Ch. 293/294)
  11. Iowa City, IA (Chs. 233/235/237) - 3 applicants
  12. Davenport IA and Moline, IL (Ch. 250)
  13. Waterloo & Parkersburg, IA (Ch. 293) - 3 applicants
  14. Mount Carmel, IL (Ch. 299)
  15. Red Bank & Evansville IN and Henderson, KY (Chs. 261/264/266) - 4 applicants
  16. Barbourville, KY (Chs. 232/234) 
  17. Morganfield & Sturgis, KY (Ch. 271)
  18. Harlan KY and Norton VA (Ch. 300)
  19. Bellaire & Northport, MI (Ch. 285)
  20. Kingsley & Traverse City, MI (Ch. 292)
  21. Pellston & Petoskey, MI (Ch. 298) - 3 applicants
  22. Joplin & Granby, MO (Ch. 266)
  23. Southern Pines, NC (Ch. 260)
  24. Newport & Atlantic Beach, NC (Ch. 281)
  25. Klamath Falls & Pelican City, OR (Chs. 287/289)
  26. Memphis, TN (Ch. 270)
  27. Amarillo, TX (Ch. 243)
  28. Houston, TX (Ch. 245)
  29. Owentown & White Oak, TX (Ch. 253)
  30. Midland & Odessa, TX (Ch. 298)
  31. San Juan County, UT (Chs. 233/236)