11/24/2019 EZ Forms: Restore system + make LMS ready. Enhancement REC Website Content
11/12/2019 FCCdata LMS Ownership Reports in Application History Enhancement
11/11/2019 FCCdata Television application history tabs Enhancement
11/09/2019 FCCdata LMS party drop-down enhancements 11/9/2019 Enhancement
10/24/2019 FCCtoday date related enhancements / FCCdata realtime modify license display Enhancement,
10/22/2019 FCCtoday yesterday's filings + bug fix Enhancement
10/17/2019 FCCdata LMS realtime - temporary engineering records Enhancement,
10/15/2019 Links to LMS applications just filed. Enhancement
10/11/2019 - real time LMS update fix Enhancement
10/10/2019 myLPFM, NCE Search and PREMIS now LMS READY Enhancement myLPFM v2, NCE Preliminary Search Tool