03/09/2024 LP-250 Upgrade Check Enhancement REC Website Content, DataStore
02/18/2024 Enforcement (Dingers) Data Update 7/20/23~Present Manual data update REC Website Content
02/17/2024 Window Tracker: State application statistics Enhancement Filing Window Tracking Tool
02/14/2024 eLMS: Grant Rescinded status Enhancement,, Filing Window Tracking Tool, eLMS
02/11/2024 FCCdata Australia issues resolved Enhancement
02/10/2024 general improvements and fixes Enhancement
01/25/2024 Window Tracker: Pagination of singleton list Enhancement Filing Window Tracking Tool
01/09/2024 Japan Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) restored Enhancement J1 Earthquake Site
01/03/2024 Restore public notice functionality Enhancement, Filing Window Tracking Tool, eLMS, RealTime Updates
11/18/2023 System40: Start of project Enhancement System40 Conversion