REC OPERATIONAL UPDATE: Office operations disrupted. (updated 12-19 15:10)

On Saturday, we have lost access to one of our primary workstations.  Root cause: Microsoft.

Our access to resources at this time are limited. 

All of our data related to applications and other related work was backed up.  

We do have access to ComStudy from another machine. 

We will have limited email capabilities. 

This issue does not impact our cloud based public facing or back end services.  No websites are down because of this.

We will be able to update the window tool as amendments come in.

This issue does not impact our streaming of J1 and DelmarvaFM but will temporarily impact our ability to do audio and video production including the podcast.

For the next few days, we may not be able to do much heavyweight research on things, but we will give priority to MX NCE applicants needing assistance with settlement agreements.

We anticipate our phone coverage will remain at normal levels.

We needed new hardware anyway, so I guess now is the time to do that.  

We hope to be at a full recovery later in the week. 

This will also delay the commencement of the national LPFM Inventory.. but we still anticipate completion by early January as we did last year. 

For now, we will say ETU Thursday 12-23.  

We are not down, just kicked in the shins. 

Thank you for your understanding.

---- revised 12/19 15:05

We are in the process of recovery.  We're still here.. just a ton of workarounds until we get things together. 

---- revised 12/20 13:45

Final software needs have been restored.  Panic over. :) 

Saturday, December 18, 2021
Issue type: 
REC systems issue