REC operational status (updated June 11, 2024 12:00M EDT) - REC is expected to be in Limited Operations for Thursday, June 13. Normal operations expected the rest of this week. Subject to change..

REC LPFM Advisory Letter #18: Second advisory announcing the resolution of the Local Community Presence bug in LMS

Second advisory (08/09/2023)

The issue originally reported by REC in which the new LPFM application in LMS was not accepting applications which cannot claim the Local Established Presence point appears to have been resolved. 

On the Point System Factors section of LMS, applicants that cannot claim the Local Established Presence point should select the option "N/A".  Applicants that can claim this point must select the criteria on which they are basing their claim (educational organization, public safety or Tribal).  

REC issues Sixth Update to Advisory Letter #10 related to the 2023 LPFM Filing Window

REC Networks has issued the sixth update to REC LPFM Advisory Letter #10. 

Please view the letter at:

REC Statement: 2023 LPFM Window Public Notices

Good day from Riverton. 

LPFM Advisory Letter #9 (Fourth Update, 08/03/2023) – EAS National Periodic Test

Original version – 05/05/2021 / Updated 06/11/2021 / Second update 07/07/2021 / Third update 06/08/2022 / Fourth update 08/03/2023

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has announced that there will be a National Periodic Test (NPT) of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) in 2023.

The test is scheduled for October 4, 2023 at 2:20 PM EDT.  The backup date is October 11, 2023 at 2:20 PM EDT.  The backup date is only used if there is a major event or any other reason why the October 4 date can’t be used.

LPFM Filing Window: Updated Conflict of Interest Policy for new window filers & existing LPFM stations

Effective July 22, 2023

In this announcement, we are updating our Third Generation Filing Window Conflict Of Interest (COI) policy to address the current trends of the Show of Interest requests that we are receiving.  In addition, we need to clarify how the concept of how COI would apply to existing broadcast stations seeking services from REC Networks.  The general objective of a COI policy is to assure that REC will not put two LPFM applicants into a situation where they will be competing against each other in the window.

FCCdata: Preparing for AM radio to migrate to LMS

Updated July 22, 2023 - 06:00 AM ET

Starting on July 26, 2023, the FCC will be launching new forms in the Licensing Management System (LMS) to support engineering applications for AM radio.  In late June, the FCC created several new tables in LMS raw data and did a transition project to convert Centralized Database System (CDBS) data to the LMS structure. 

[Updated 8/17/23] Statement of REC Networks regarding Greenville, South Carolina (WMXP-LP & WLTE(FM))

Updated August 17, 2023

RM-11952: Translator Reform petition up for comment at the FCC.

In 2003, the FCC unknowingly caused the Great Translator Invasion.  In this window, over 13,000 applications were filed for new FM translators in the Auction 83 filing window, of which, almost one-third of the applications were filed by two commonly owned entities.  What would entail afterwards was the loss of many opportunities for new LPFM stations, a place in federal legislation, massive permit trafficking and one of the biggest government handouts ever for an auction that only raised $574,711 to the US Treasury.  


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