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REC announces the start of a major system transition plan: "System40"

REC Networks has been known for running our assets "into the ground".  This includes our past phone system hardware, the software and hardware that we use and even the cars we drive.

With many of the components of the REC database infrastucture reaching or already past their end of life with some portions serving the universe for up to 20 years, it is time to do a major systems overhaul.  

In 2024, we will launch the "System40" initative.  System40 is named to coincide with the 40th anniversary of REC Networks.  

The key elements of System40 include:

REC and NAB ask FCC to extend EAS CAP Polling compliance date

REC Networks and the National Association of Broadcasters have filed a joint request with the Federal Communications Commission for a 90-day extension of the upcoming December 12, 2023 compliance date of the requirement that Emergency Alert Systems prioritize alerts that are received through the Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) of a Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)-formatted version of an EAS message when it receives both a legacy version (by radio) and a CAP-formatted version of the same alert.

FAQ: Why should a second-adjacent short-spaced LPFM proposal be as close as possible to the second-adjacent channel station(s)? That seems highly illogical. I thought it was, the further, the better.

All LPFM proposals need to provide minimum distance separations to domestic FM facilities (full-service, FM translator and LPFM) and vacant FM allotments on co-channel and first-adjacent channels.  They must also meet a minimum distance separation to full-service FM, FM translator and vacant FM allotments on second-adjacent channels.

FCC delays LPFM window at the community's request

The Audio Division at the FCC has announced today that the filing window for the Third Generation LPFM Filing Window has been delayed until December 6 through December 13, 2023.  

This request was made by a consortium of LPFM and community radio advocates including:

REC announces limited time opportunity for LPFM Filing Window requests

In order to assist organizations that just recently approved moving forward with applying for a Low Power FM radio station in the upcoming November 1-8, 2023 filing window and to accomodate those who are attending the Grassroots Radio Conference, REC has reopened for new LPFM clients for a limited time only.  

Requests can be made at:

This opportunity is limited to those organizations who meet the following requirements/limitations:

Announcement regarding REC web applications that utilize maps

For many years, REC was using Google Maps as our default mapping on our various free services, most notibly and its predecessor sites.  When Google Maps started to charge for their maps over a specific allowance, we discontinued the use of those maps in favor of maps available through the Open Layers environment.  This included mapping products from Open Street Map (OSM), Stamen and the US Geological Survey (USGS).  For FCCdata, we have also provided a "bring your own API key" option for Google Maps where someone can enter a Google Maps API key that they obtained and the browser

Congress passes stopgap legislation in the final hours averting an October 1 government shutdown

In the final hours before a deadline for a lapse in federal appropriations, both houses of Congress passed and the President signed a Continuing Resolution that would keep the federal government open for business until November 17, 2023.  This will give Congress enough time to pass agency funding from that point forward.  This will mean that the FCC will remain "business as usual" on Monday, October 1 and will not impact various upcoming activities such as the upcoming Commission vote on an NPRM to reinstate net neutrality, the Reply Comment filing deadline for the proposed changes in HD Ra

(Updated 9/25/23) REC procedures and FAQ in the event of a late 2023 government shutdown

Updated: Septemeber 25, 2023

With the recent discussion about the potential for a Government shutdown around the time of October 1, 2023, some may have questions about the how the FCC and REC will function during that time, especially this time with the LPFM Filing Window looming on November 1, 2023.

Fortunately, REC has had past experience dealing with these shutdowns and there are contingency plans in place for handling a shutdown event. 


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