Seattle allotment case released again

So much for a sigh of relief for MIHS

The FCC has re-released a Report and Order that shifts several Washington and Oregon stations after originally setting it aside in early June. [See REC News #145 ]

At the heart of the contraversy is the proposed move of KMCQ, The Dalles OR to Covington WA, just south of the Seattle metropolitan area.

The move of KMCQ to Covington will result in the displacement of KMIH, a class D secondary school station licensed to Mercer Island High School.

KMIH is a Class-D station. Class D stations are considered "secondary". This means that a full power station can displace them. LPFM and translator stations are also considered secondary.

This situation caught the attention of Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) who had proposed that certain Class-D stations be afforded primary protections that would prevent them from displacement from primary full power stations.

Unfortunately, KMIH does not have much recourse in this case as the rules do not allow for Class-D stations to be primary and there may not be any available channels for KMIH to move to because of a very crowded Seattle radio dial.

FCC rules allow some Class-D stations with nowhere else to go to be able to go to 87.9. Unfortunately KMIH is unable to change to 87.9 (Channel 200) under the FCC rules because of it's close proximity to Canada (ยง73.512(a)(2) does not allow 87.9 usage within 402km from Canada, Mercer Island is 151km from Canada). REC feels that KMIH should request a waiver of this rule due to the fact that KMIH may be able to protect other stations (the nearest full power is on 88.5, KPLU-FM) and the nearest Channel 6 is a Canadian CHEK-TV in Victoria BC which, under the LPFM rules, a 100 watt at 30m HAAT on 88.1 would be able to clear. Obviously no other Canada TV station can be closer. REC feels that the FCC should negotiate with Canada to allow this station to stay on the air by allowing it to go to 87.9.

More information about FM Table of Allotments proceedings can be found at REC Networks: