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REC History - 2008

In 2008, a significant part of REC's operations were related to the coverage of flat track roller derby events in Arizona through Michi-chan Roller Sports Proudctions, The Arizona Derby Report would produce a show. REC's Michelle Eyre (Michi-chan) would announce the second event for the Phoenix City Rollers/Arizona Bruisers. Amid contraversy, the PCR would fold up. Michelle was later named as the vice president of another league but due to increased drama in the sport, she resigned that position and remained as an advisor to the nation's second largest amateur roller derby association.

Orange County 104.7 LPFM MX group wiped out

Amid various petitions to deny, the FCC has dismissed four mutually exclusive LPFM applications on 104.7 (Channel 284) in the Orange County, CA area.

Applicants dismissed included:
Rock ‘n Roll Preservation Society,
International Crusade of the Penny,
Second Samoan Congregational Church, and
Newport Beach Community Radio Station 284, Inc.

REC renews Hardcore J for one more year

REC Networks has announced today that it plans to remain streaming with the renewal of an agreement that will extend Hardcore J until the end of November, 2009.

Started in 2001, Hardcore J is a streaming radio station on Live365 that plays Japanese popular music geared towards an English speaking audience. Despite that, a significant part of Hardcore J's listening hours come from Japan.

Pardon my diversity...

OK now, maybe I am overreacting here, but I take great offense to comments that were posted on the 2007 REC History page of what this website should be. Mainly, someone is offended due to the fact that you see references to roller derby, "hardcore" Japanese music and then has to bring my gender identity into play.

I want to make this clear to everyone who visits this site, if you are coming here expecting a website to be solely about broadcasting, then I am about to rain on your parade.

"White-space" devices - REC's take on this issue

Our involvement in the evolution of the so-called "white space" device has been since the original ET Docket 02-380 where we had our opinions on these devices.

After careful consideration of the issues, we feel that many of our concerns are still valid. Let me just run through some of these real quick.

New REC Motivation - "I Don't Want To Sit Here and Talk!"

Having fun with Blair Alper of the Skyscanner show "Life The Universe and Everything". Hear his whining to music.

MP3 56K Stream


The latest Channel 5/6 for LPFM debate... just a few quick thoughts..

First of all, I am really glad the site is now on this format. It's nice being able to blog like this.

I have been reading all of the talk about reallotting Channel 5 and 6 TV spectrum (76-88 MHz) to audio broadcasting. As you may know, REC has spoken in favor of it and we will continue to.

A special announcement from Michelle A. Eyre of REC Networks

Welcome to the new RECNET.COM website! We have finally taken the direction of using a content management solution. We had decided to use Drupal. In the past, we had tried to use Joomla with some very bad results.

Now with the exception of some fringe content, all of the primary REC content has been moved over here. You will find all of the tools that you are used to using on the blue menu just under the REC logo at the top of the page.

We have added a couple of new interesting things.


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