REC files 245 LPFM informal objections

REC Networks has filed an informal objection against 245 pending LPFM applications filed in the 2013 window. 

All of these applications were filed with Antonio Cesar Guel as the technical contact.  Guel is also the president of Hispanic Christian Community Network, an organization that currently owns over 40 LPTV stations across the country.

Our informal objection was intended to "flag" these 245 applications to call the FCC's attention to various patterns in these applications including:

  • Identical phone numbers for all of these organizations,
  • Identical e-mail addresses for all of these organizations (Cesar Guel),
  • Identical educational statements for all of these organizations,
  • In some cases, main studios in gated communities, apartment complexes and non-existant addresses.
  • All applications, despite the physical state are incorporated in the state of Texas.  This is despite many states requiring "foreign" non-profit organizations to also register in their own state.

These applications are unecessarily creating 41 new MX groups for applicants who would otherwise be singleton. This includes numerous REC direct and indirect clients.  The Guel-involved singleton applications may block opportunities for LPFM stations on other channels who are involved in MX situations to be able to change channels as part of a settlement.

In the 2000 and 2001 windows, REC fought against Guel-involved applications resulting in their dismissal.

While some of the Guel-involved are MX in groups of more than two applicants, all of them are 4 points therefore local groups with more than two years presence would prevail in those situations.

REC is asking for the Commission to consider either dismissing these applications or designate them for hearing to determine if the information on these applications are actually truthful. 

REC encourages those who have local interests in the areas where the Guel-involved applications are located to research their nearby applications and file an informal objection if they wish to that contains addtiional facts.  For LPFM applicants in areas where Guel-involved applications have been accepted for filing, you may file a Petition to Deny stating any facts that you may discover about the applications.   For those filing Petitions to Deny, please review the Commission's policies on filing these doucments as they require a declaration and a certificate of service.

Since we have announced our inquiry into the Guel-involved applications, we have heard from others across the country expressing concerns about potential pattern filing and false information on applications.  We will research these as our resources permit but we also welcome others to do their own research and let the FCC know about it.  These types of applications undermine the fair licensing process and the localism of the LPFM service.

To see a copy of our 245-application informal objection, visit: