FCCdata: Site Makeover Project (SMP): US/FCC Dialscape

REC has released a reimaged version of the dialscape page for FCC records.  The dialscape is the page that is accessed when a city and state are entered into FCCdata or on mobile browsers, when the "Stations near me" link is clicked.  

The new presentation uses larger fonts and larger areas to be able to click or tap to obtain individial station information.  

The new page also displays RadioDNS station names and logos for participating stations as well as ownership information for FM, AM and TV facilities.

The city and ZIP code selection page has also been enhanced. 

This is the first phase in our Site Makeover Project (SMP) to upgrade the FCCdata.org user experience to make the site more readable and more adaptive to small screen devices. 

Eventually, each "module" in FCCdata will get a makeover to the new text format.  We do not anticipate any major changes to the overall site layout.  


Sunday, November 6, 2022
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