eLMS RealTime and raw data update service changes


Every morning at 02:30 RECOT (same time as Mountain Standard/Arizona time), REC conducts a full download and update of the FCC's CDBS and LMS raw data and runs various programs to support the data.  Some of these programs are memory intensive and can cause the system to substantially slow down during those update periods.  This issue is further frustrated when other automated operations, such as eLMS updates take place during the program run, especially on days when the FCC grants renewal applications.  

Due to the system event that took place on October 13, 2022, REC is putting in the following changes to the daily update and the eLMS real time updating functions. 

New CDBS/LMS raw data update start time

The big daily update has been moved to 03:05 RECOT (6:05AM during DST, 7:05AM during standard time).  This also gives the FCC another 35 minutes to provide the daily download files (we have had some issues in the past where the FCC was late in posting the daily files). 

eLMS RealTime will now be locked during CDBS/LMS raw data updates

During the time when the daily update is taking place, eLMS will be in a locked state meaning that the eLMSbot program will not run during that period of time.  CDBSbot (which tracks granted and dismissed CDBS applications, these days, mainly AM applications) operates even when eLMS is locked.  This will prevent eLMS updates during the time when the system is engaged in intensive processing and prevents situations where the system remains locked.

eLMS RealTime will be force unlocked once per hour

The system will now force an unlock on eLMS each hour at 59 past the hour. 

New eLMS RealTime update schedule

The real time update schedule for eLMS RealTime changes to the following:


Time Monday through Friday including federal holidays Saturday and Sunday
00:00~04:30 RECOT
3:00AM~7:30AM EDST
2:00AM~6:30AM EST
Every 30 minutes Every 30 minutes
05:00~17:50 RECOT
8:00AM~8:50PM EDST
7:00AM~7:50PM EST
Every 10 minutes Every 20 minutes
18:00~23:45 RECOT
9:00PM~2:45AM EDST
8:00PM~1:45AM EST
Every 15 minutes Every 30 minutes

CDBSbot - no changes to the schedule

Updates Monday through Friday including federal holidays between 05:00~19:40 RECOT, 8:00AM~10:40PM EDST, 7:00AM~9:40PM EST, once every 20 minutes. (no change)

No updates between 20:00~04:59 RECOT or at any time on Saturday or Sunday.


Thursday, October 13, 2022
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REC systems issue