Scheduled maintenance June 18~20, 2022

Over the Juneteenth US federal holiday weekend, REC is planning to perform maintenance on behind the scenes functionality as well as internal and public applications.   Maintenance will start on Saturday, June 18 and will run through Monday, June 21. 

No full outages are expected, but users may experience temporary disruptions or error messages on FCCdata and other systems while development is taking place.

LMSbot routine updates and eLMS are not expected to be interrupted during this maintenance window.  

Updates made:

Implemented new internal tvfmfs code in some portions of the system.  This will replace the call to the FCC Contours API coverage application.  This will improve speed.  In some cases, we will still need to call out to the FCC haat API, which does have a faster response time.  Applications where population and land area results are still needed (such as eLMS) will still go to the coverage API. 

Fixed a bug in eLMS where contour maps on FM applications were not being properly written.  We will need to schedule a recovery run at a later time.  On eLMS eligible applications, If the FM application is brought up in FCCdata and there is no eLMS contour data, the system will build a new contour and then automatically update the eLMS fm_contours data.

We were unable to recreate the issues reported on the ham functionality in FCCdata.  

Added Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) applications to eLMS.

In FCCdata for LMS handled applications, we have expanded the historical timeline information for applications.  When the red triangle is clicked to the left of an application, it will show all of the timeline items from the LMS raw data.  This includes when the application was first accessed to start the filing, when it was submitted and when it was granted or dismissed.  The new functionality will now show all application versions related to that file number. This way, if an application is amended, you can follow back on the previous versions.  This is also a good way to see if the application had a history of nunc pro tunc (especially since LMS does not support the "Application Reinstated" status that CDBS had). Clicking the REC application ID number to the left will retrieve an HTML copy of that version of the application.   

In FCCdata for US TV, the sidebox (the box on the upper right side of engineering records) has been updated to link to the HTML version of TV engineering applications.  Other links that are already offered in the FM presentation (such as tower payload and HAAT check) have been added to the TV sidebox.  The TV engineering section now shows the REC application ID in preparation for eLMS support.  We did some repairs on the online mapping in FCCdata for DTV facilities.  While we originally planned to use the new internal tvfmfs program, there were some issues that we will address at a later time.  For now, we have updated this tool from the legacy curves calculator to the FCC Contours API. 

CDBS Import Letters have been updated.  These are the documents that are associated with each facility in the station's correspondence file.  If there are import letters, you will find them in FCCdata on the lower right side, under the application history.


Thursday, June 16, 2022
Systems affected:
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Scheduled maintenance