eLMS v2 preparation

During this past week, we have been doing extensive development in getting eLMS version 2 ready for production deployment.  Unlike version 1, eLMS version 2 is more script and table driven as opposed to hardcoded.  This allows us to easily add new application types into the system.  New scripting and table support has been added for various types of non-engineering television applications as well as certain radio application situations that were not previously supported in eLMS version 1.  This includes:

  • Notice of non-consummation.
  • Extension of consummation.
  • Annual Ancillary/Supplemental Service Report (TV only).
  • Change in Main Studio/Control Point. (TV only).
  • Cancellation.
  • Digital Notification (FM only) (effective May 17, 2022)
  • Tolling (TV only)*.
  • Extension of CP (TV only).
  • Legal STA (TV only)*.
  • Reduced Power Notification (TV only)*.
  • Request for Silence STA (TV only)*.
  • Resumption of Operations (TV only)*.
  • Silent STA Extension (TV only)*.
  • Suspension of Operations (TV only)*
  • Withdrawal.

* - This functionality will likely also be able to handle radio once the FCC implements the new forms on Tuesday, May 17.  We will need to wait for applications to be filed so we can test and assure that the current script will be able to handle it.  If not, we will need to make the modifications, which is much easier in the v2 environment.  On Tuesday, we will open these functions for radio and if there are additional fields that were missed, we can make the modifications to the code and then re-run these applications through. 

Full development in the v2 environment will still be needed to implement the following application types:

  • Digital notification (AM).
  • Change in primary station (FM translator).
  • MDCL notification (AM).
  • Engineering STA (FM).

REC has been running newly supported applications from LMS to import into the eLMS (v2) enviornment.  On Monday, May 16, REC will be taking the newly supported applications through the REC LMSbot system (our system that monitors the FCC to do real time updates) and will write the application data into the test environment.  

Real time updating and daily LMS data updates will be unavailable the weekend of May 21 & 22 to allow us to implement improvements to the LMSbot system.   Real time updating and updates will also be unavailable on the weekend of May 28 & 29 to implement eLMS version 2 into production.   Users of FCCdata and other REC tools may experience short outages and error messages during that weekend as we move v2 and its associated database tables into production. 

These changes will also allow us to prepare for supporting TV engineering applications and once it is implemented in LMS, AM engineering.  

Thank you for your support! 


Sunday, May 15, 2022
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