Resolved: Data issue impacting several REC systems

Some REC systems, especially,, myLPFM and PREMIS are not functioning properly. 

The root cause so far is due to an unannounced change in the format of LMS data tables. 

REC is currently in the process of modifying our code to be compatible with the new format.  

This is also affecting Live services.  Until we get this issue resolved on our end, we are not able to do channel searches. 

While this impacts TV records in FCCdata, it may not have as much of an impact on FM records because of eLMS.  

ETU 1PM 4/21/22.

Updated 4/21/22 1137 EDT


FM station class was not appearing in the ENAC tables causing systems to not know what station class a particular application was for. 


FCC added a new column afac_primary_station_facility_id to the LMS table application_facility and inserted the column in the middle of the table (between afac_license filing_id and afac_station_type).  This caused the morning update to misread that table and placed columns after afac_license_filing_id in the wrong position.  


Modified REC's LMS table application_facility to add new column afac_primary_station_id to the appropriate position to allow for the table to parse the data correctly. 

Full morning update reran at 4/21/22 1135 EDT to update downstream tables, including ENAC to resolve the issue.

Updated 4/21/2022 1520 EDT


ISSUE was not displaying any information.  


FCC added a new column digital_operation to the LMS table facility and inserted the column in the middle of the table between create_ts and expiration_date.  This caused the database file not to parse. 


Modified REC's LMS table facility to add a new column digital_operation to the appropriate position to allow for the table to parse this data correctly. operational as of 4/21/2022 1520 EDT.

04/21/2022 1610 EDT

We hae noticed that the FCC has made other table changes in LMS as well as adding new tables.  In addition to the changes above, we have added new columns into app_mm_application, atsc3_nextgen and facility_history.  Also added new tables: audio_extension_request, digital_notification, eligibility_certs and fm_sta_information. 

Issue closed at 04/21/2022 1614 EDT.


Thursday, April 21, 2022
Systems affected:
myLPFM v3
Voluntary Public File System
REC Website Content
Issue type: 
Manual data update
FCC issue