More FCC forms for radio broadcast convert from CDBS to LMS effective September 25, 2019

Starting on September 25, 2019, those who file applications for broadcast stations will need to use the LMS system instead of CDBS for filings. This includes the following forms:

  • Form 301 - Full-service commercial FM construction permit.
  • Form 302 - FM broadcast station license application.
  • Form 318 - LPFM construction permit.
  • Form 319 - LPFM license application.
  • Form 340 - Non-commercial educational FM construction permit.
  • Form 349 - FM translator/booster construction permit.
  • Form 350 - FM translator/booster license application.

Existing applications will remain in CDBS and must be inquired there.

Amendments to existing CDBS applications would be done in LMS.

LMS has its own method of filing pleadings for informal objections and petitions to deny.

LMS uses its own file numbers without the "suffix" (like BPH, BNPL, etc.).  

LMS only uses the FRN and it's password.  The CDBS account number and password will no longer be used.  

Assignment and transfer applications (Forms314, 315 and 316) will still be filed in CDBS until further notice (they are still filed this way for television). 

LMS is currently being used for license renewals and for full-service stations, EEO and ownership reports.

Application status designations (like "Accepted for Filing") may be different for LMS than for CDBS. 

During the transition, there is a possibility that some REC systems such as (FCCdata, and myLPFM) will not properly function.  We are awaiting confirmation of the impact of LMS filed applications in the CDBS raw data.  Our ability to provide information will be dependent on the raw data that is provided by the FCC.  While LMS does provide renewal information, it still does not provide ownership report data.  Our recent reviews of LMS raw data does incidate some infrastructure for radio broadcast already installed however, we will only know when the applications start going in there.  

For a very brief overview of LMS (in the context of a broadcast renewal), please review this video:
as it will show the flow, look and feel of LMS.

REC is prepared for full-service application filings in LMS.  For asssitance, please call 1-844-732-5736.  

For more information, please see the FCC Public Notice.