FCCdata US FM & History Project enhancements

REC has made the following enhancements to FCCdata to support FCC FM broadcast records.

Auxiliary facilities

FCCdata will now show FM auxiliary facilities for which there is an engineering record for.  Auxiliary records will be identified in the left section with the AUX indicator.  On the default screen, active auxiliary records will not turn on by default.  Patterns and contours for the auxiliary facilites available where possible. 

Vertical polarity

For the Radio History Project, both the History Card and Public Notice projects support vertical polarity on manually entered FM records.  This will indicate when a legacy station changed to circular polarization.  It will also show the stations that have different horizontal and vertical powers.  Currently vertical polarity has been added to all Los Angeles History Card and PN applications and work is currenty under way to update New York area FMs with the vertical data.  Eventually as more markets are added on FM, the vertical data will be added.

Public Notice Project data in the engineering records

For FM facilities only (at this time), manual Public Notice records for which engineering information has been entered, clicking on the application on the left side will show the manually entered data.  Public Notice Project engineering records will be indicated on the left side with a green H in the application header. 

Identification of History Card engineering records

On the left side, manually entered History Cards for a particular facility will appear with a red H.

History Grid

The History Grid for FM now includes Public Notice Project applcations as well as applications filed in CDBS.  The "History Grid" link has been activated on all FM records, even those that have not been enhanced by the History Project.  

Please note that many of these enhancements will eventually come to AM when we are back in a project involving AM. 


Thursday, May 23, 2019
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
Issue type: 
Manual data update