FAQ: Is my station subject to the point pledges such as local programming and main studio?

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Only if your station was mutually exclusive (MX) and was not settled until the end or near the end of the MX settlement window for your state. You will be subject to the pledge if your points were used to determine the outcome of the group. For example: (1) You were the only lead scoring applicant in your MX group and the FCC dismissed all of the other applicants because they were not the tentative selectees (the public notice will specifically say this), (2) You have entered into a voluntary time share agreement with some but not all of the members of your MX group (both leading and non-leading scorers) therefore it was not a universal agreement or (3) your group has defaulted to involuntary time sharing by the FCC. For convenience, REC has published a list of stations we feel are subject to the point pledges at https://recnet.com/pledges .

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Thursday, May 14, 2015