Can two LPFM stations share the same programming?

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Yes. A LPFM station as allowed to simultaneously rebroadcast another LPFM station. They can not simultaneously rebroadcast a full-power station. (§73.879)

A full-power station is permitted to simultaneously rebroadcast a LPFM station.

However, a LPFM station can not enter into a time brokerage agreement or a management agreement with another LPFM station. (§73.860(e)) This means that:

  • WAAA-LP can't purchase time to broadcast on WBBB-LP.
  • WAAA-LP can't reach an agreement where WAAA-LP management staff will also manage the day to day operations of WBBB-LP thus giving WAAA-LP de facto control of WBBB-LP.
LPFM program content/station operations/noncommercial nature
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015