eLMS: Status Override

A new Status Overrride table has been added to eLMS and related functionality has been added to the parser and status sync utility.  

The need for this new functionality is due to inconsistencies that staff is using to deal with denied amendments.  What we are finding is that in some cases, staff is statusing unacceptable amendments as Dismissed (DIS) instead of Denied (DEN).

The new table will consist of the LMS (32 byte hex) application ID, the incorrect status code in LMS and what it should be adjusted to.  When an application goes through the parser, it will check that table to make sure there are no overrides.  Likewise, when the status sync utility runs, it will change the status if found in the table.

Status Sync is a utility program that is executed during the REC Morning Run that compares the status of an application in eLMS and that same application in the FCC LMS raw data.  This assures that the most current status information is included in our systems.  

Thursday, May 23, 2024
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