CAP Tool: Alerts from NWS restored

With this release, we have established a new connection with the National Weather Service's API Web Service.  

The alerts from this system will be integrated into the same REC data tables as those that originate from IPAWS and will use a unique REC alert type code to distinguish the alerts.  

Our observation of these alerts is that they are not as robust as their IPAWS counterparts, but most important data elements are there.  These alerts will not have the 3-character EAS type code.

These new alerts will appear on the default CAP page.  There will also be an option where you can use the state drop-down and then select "Current NWS" to see all NWS alerts from a the collected data. 

Alerts for severe weather may appear more than once on the displays, including the versions for EAS, WEA and from the NWS data.  

The NWS service, will be polled after the IPAWS service is and is on a schedule of once per minute, 24 hours a day.   We may reexamine the update schedule for the NWS non-severe alerts.

We currently do not have any direct links for marine weather.


Thursday, August 24, 2023
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