Window Tracker: Applications of Concern & Dissolved MX Groups

Added new functionality to expand on the Applications of Concern List.  A new "Apps of Concern" link will show for all windows from 2013.  This link will list applications that were identified as being on the REC Applications of Concern List.  This replaces the publication of a PDF document that REC did following the close of the 2013 LPFM Window.  Applications of Concern are those that have been flagged by REC to call attention to certain patterns in filing or those suspected of being filed by speculators. A separate comments field for the narrative related to the ACL has been added.  The mere presence of an application on the ACL does not necessarily mean that an application is fraudulent.  It only means that additional investigation into the application may be necessary, especially in cases where the application is in a MX Group.   

An internal flag has been added to eLMS to indicate LPFM applications that have a second-adjacent channel short-spacing.  The addition of this flag data will not be retroactive to previous windows.

The MX Groups listing in each window will now default to displaying FCC MX Groups that have not been dissolved through dismissals or singletons.  A link on the MX Groups page will allow the user to display both active and dissolved MX Groups similar to the page's former functionality. 

A link will be placed on the state list of Window 9 (2023 LPFM) to provide a direct link to Window 1 (2021 NCE).  This is for the convenience of those coming to the window tool to look for 2021 data once the default window for the tool is changed to Window 9 (which will take in the latter part of the week of November 5, 2023). 


Monday, August 14, 2023
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