FCC.today: minor fixes

Display of AM applications in FCC.today

Fixed an issue in FCC.today where links to FCC LMS draft copies for certain AM application types were not properly displaying. 

Issue with the "Prev Objection" link in FCC.today

The RECnet pleadings page, which is linked from the "Prev Objection" link in FCC.today was not always displaying the pleadings invlolved with the application.  This appeared to only be happening in cases where the subject application was amended.  Fixes were made on the RECnet pleadings page to resolve this issue. 

ATSC-3 Next Gen file prefix issue

Fixed a table issue in LMSbot where amendments to ATSC-3 modification of license applications were not picking up the type code "ML3A".  This issue should be resolved going forward.



Saturday, August 5, 2023
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