myLPFM v2 retired

REC Networks has retried myLPFM version 2.  

REC is nearing completion of myLPFM version 3.  The new version will address the issues that myLPFM version 2 was experiencing.  The new version will be available to all existing licensed LPFM stations and will require a password for entry.  This will be the same password that is used for the REC Voluntary Public Inspection File system.  

For those who are representing prospective LPFM applicants for the next filing window, please visit in order to check on basic LPFM availability and to fill out a Show of Interest Form to have REC assist you in the next LPFM filing window, which we still estimate will take place sometime in 2023. 

We expect Version 3 will be ready for use in late September or early October, 2022. 

Current LPFM stations needing assistance with changes should contact REC Networks at 202 621-2355 or by email at   Some changes can be requested through the REC EZForm system at   The EZform can be used to check for alternate channels at your current location.  

Version 3 was deployed in late September, 2022.




Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v3
Issue type: 
REC systems issue