Pending Application List / Public Notice handling issue

Public Notice handling issues

We are currently working an issue with the eLMS v2 system that parses the daily "Applications" Public Notice from the FCC.  This functionality is used to status applications as "Accepted for Filing" since this is not directly supported in the LMS raw data.  In the interim, we have manually added the data from the missing days into eLMS and will look futher into the specific issues are causing this issue with automated updates.  As a part of this issue, we have resyncronized some eLMS applications to reflect the status as shown in LMS.  We created a new program that will run on Saturday mornings to resyncronize application statuses between eLMS and LMS.   This is still an open issue.

Pending Application Tool

The REC Pending Application Tool has been migrated from the .net environment to the .com environment and is now directly working off of eLMS data as opposed to LMS and CDBS data.  The old Pending Application Tool URL is now redirecting to  

As the new Pending Application Tool does not support CDBS data, we will no longer be able to provide status information on AM technical applications such as modifications and licenses.  Administrative applications such as assignments, transfers and renewals are supported by eLMS and will be tracked in the new tool.  

The new tool is more mobile friendly and now divides application types on different options.  There are separate screens for technical applications (except original construction permits), administrative applications (including silent STAs) and original construction permits.  As with the previous tool, the new tool permits the ability to see the different radio services (LPFM, FM Translator, FM full-service, FM Booster and AM) on separate screens.  "Accepted for Filing" status will be a hyperlink and clicking the link will download the appropriate "Applications" Public Notice from the FCC.  Clicking on the "Objections" link will take users to the existing pleading summary screen in the .com environment where informal objections, petitions to deny and responsive pleadings can be read.


Saturday, August 20, 2022
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