Partial cut-over to eLMS v2 starting 5-23: potential outages on systems

On May 23, REC plans to do a "partial" cut over of eLMS.  With the partial cut over, only application types that are new to v2 will be handed by v2 in the production environment.  This includes:

  • TV annual ancillary/supplemental service reports (Form 317).
  • TV change of main studio/control point.
  • AM/FM/TV cancellation of license.
  • AM/FM/TV extension of consummation.
  • TV tolling.
  • TV extension of construction permit (CP).
  • TV legal Special Temporary Authority (STA).
  • TV reduced power notification.
  • TV request for silent STA.
  • TV resumption of operations.
  • TV silent STA extension.
  • TV suspension of operations.
  • AM/FM/TV withdrawal.

REC is separately working on a radio expansion of eLMS capabilities.  Based on the pace of this development, these application types could go live on or after May 23 (including potentially after May 31 full cut-over date):

  • FM engineering STA.
  • FM reduced power notification.
  • FM suspension of operations.
  • FM request for silent STA.
  • AM/FM digital notification.
  • FM translator primary station notification.

Application types that are currently supported by the v1 environment will continue to use v1 until the final cut over:

  • FM engineering (construction permits, license to cover, modification of license).
  • NCE FM original construction permits.
  • AM/FM/TV administrative updates.
  • AM/FM/TV assignment of license and transfer of control.
  • AM/FM/TV consummation and notice of no consummation.
  • AM/FM/TV EEO reports.
  • AM/FM/TV ownership reports.
  • AM/FM/TV renewals.

During the weekend of May 21~22, users may experience short term system outages as we do maintenance in order to support the partial cut over. eLMS v1 and v2 are currently not processing any applications on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of the Memorial Day weekend. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022
Systems affected:
myLPFM v3
NCE Preliminary Search Tool
Voluntary Public File System
REC Website Content
RealTime Updates
Issue type: 
Scheduled maintenance