FCC.today will be unavailable on May 21~22. FCCdata will be down at times on May 21~22.

FCC.today will be unavailable on Saturday and Sunday, May 21~22, 2022. 

This outage is related to the development of LMSbot version 4.  LMSbot is the system that makes periodic calls throughout the day to the FCC to obtain broadcast application status information in real time.  The new LMSbot v4 is a completely rebuilt system that addresses the various issues with had with LMSbot v3.  LMSbot v4 removes many legacy functions that are no longer used after the previous change of FM from CDBS to LMS and the subsequent implementation of eLMS.  The new LMSbot v4 will complement the new eLMS v2 database system that is scheduled to be launched into production on Memorial Day weekend.

FCC.today will be available again for business on Monday, May 23, 2022.

FCCdata.org will be taken down for one or more periods of time during the weekend of May 21~22, 2022.  This is to permit the transition of data from eLMS version 1 to eLMS version 2.  


Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
Issue type: 
Scheduled maintenance