eLMS: Preparation for LMS changes & various system fixes

We are starting the preparations for the following application types that will be moving from CDBS to LMS:

  • Radio Special Temporary Authority (STA).
  • Radio Silent notifications.
  • Radio Resumption of operations.
  • Radio Digital notifications.

The FCC has not yet announced when LMS will be used for these application types, but we have observed that the FCC has been making internal moves to implement these services as evidenced by new raw database tables and test applications.  Until the announcement is made, these applications will still be filed using the interim e-mail process announced by the FCC on January 11, 2022.

Assigned a new Application Type Code of MDC to support Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) notifications by AM stations.  This is currently a manual process.

Once STA, silent, resumption, digital notifications and MDCL are made available for LMS entry, we plan to provide full eLMS ingestion of these applications.  We will also launch a separate project to integrate legacy CDBS applications into full eLMS database support.

We have not seen any significant progress on the support for AM engineering applications in eLMS.  It is our intention to integrate AM into eLMS at that time.   We have no timetable at this time on integrating television applications into eLMS, but it is in our long term plan. 

Made significant changes to the structure of eLMS on the handling of assignment of license and transfer of control (ALTC) applications that are entered into LMS.  This addresses the issue where an application that involves multiple stations is appearing in the Application List (and also in the "Application History" in FCCdata) multiple times.    

We have also identified over 2,000 renewal applications (mostly AM stations) that were not properly processed in eLMS.  We are recovering those applications. 



Sunday, April 24, 2022
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