FCCdata: AM Contours

We made some fixes on our AM contour back-end applications that drive the contours on FCCdata's maps.  This contour data comes directly from the FCC through KML files.  We have also addressed the issue where some contours look like they have jagged edges.  We are experiencing a similar issue with this in FM through the eLMS data.  Now that we have seen it in action on the AM side, that gives us some ammo to fix it on the FM side. 

The AM contour program is a manual run as applications are not filed frequently that involve AM engineering.  Please note that very new applications including pending construction permit applications and recent grants will not show contours. We will try to run this more frequently.  But, if you are not seeing contours on AM stations, that's why (or because the FCC does not have the contours on some older records).


Wednesday, April 20, 2022
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