Replacement of EZForms

The legacy EZforms system has been retired and replaced with a new EZForms Work Request system.  The new EZForms will support more request types for LPFM including same site channel changes, license to cover, modification of license, assignments, transfers, silent/resumption requests and administrative updates.  The new EZForms will also support commercial and noncommercial full-service FM and FM translator requests for silent/resumption and administrative updates as well as assignments, transfers and license to cover applications for NCE FM facilities (including covering original NCE construction permits).  The new EZForms will also support the EAS National Periodic Test for LPFM and full-service FM.  The modular design of the new EZForms allows us to easily add new functionality without having to make code changes to other internal downstream systems.  

The new EZForms uses a single page format where answers to questions will drive other questions to be asked and includes edits to prevent forms from being submitted if certain system edits are not satisfied.  The new EZForms will ask for the FRN when starting the request and will only proceed if the FRN matches one associated with the station.  


Friday, April 1, 2022
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