Window Tracker: Documents + 2014 NCE window

Added new functionality to support FCC and Media Bureau (DA) documents (such as public notices and orders) in the Window Tracker.  Documents can be organized at the window, MX group or individual facility level.  For window level notices (impacts the entire filing window), there is now a "Documents" link on the main page where you see the list of those documents.  For MX groups, it will display on the MX page for that particular MX group as well as on the page for each individual facility in the group.  Facility level documents only show on the facility page. 

Clicking the link to the document will take the user to the REC's new FCC EDOCS interface, where they can select which of the individual documents within the release they would like to view. 

We have also added the very small 2014 NCE Reserved Allotment filing window data.  (There were only 3 allotment groups and one of them had no applicants).


Thursday, February 24, 2022
Systems affected: 
REC Website Content
Issue type: 
Manual data update