Electronic Documents (EDOCS) Interface

This new web service will interact with the FCC's Electronic Documents (EDOCS) API and will provide a page that includes details about a specific document (either a "FCC" document that is adopted by the full Commission or a "DA" delegated authority document that is originated from a specific bureau).

This functionality will allow us to link to a document in a manner that will (1) allow you to get all of the different files associated with a specific document release and in different formats (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) and (2) provides a method of assuring that in the event that the FCC changes the functionality of their Drupal website, that we can easily adapt documents. 

This functionality will first be deployed in the NCE Window Tracking Tool for displaying window and MX group related documents, but may be deployed throughout the REC website enterprise and on social media at a future time. 

Users will not directly call this service. Instead, this service will be called when a supported link is clicked.


Wednesday, February 23, 2022
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REC Website Content
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