HCJ/AHR to run pro-LPFM PSA

Spot encourages listeners to contact Congress to expand LPFM

In the fight to expand opportunities for new LPFM stations across America, REC Networks is now using the facilities of it's two audio webcast networks to spread the message.

The PSA, produced for Prometheus (www.prometheusradio.org) addresses the independent report ordered by Congress that endorses the elimination of a restriction on the placement of LPFM stations that was imposed after the LPFM service was established.

If the restriction is lifted, local LPFM stations may be placed in urban areas such as Fort Worth, East Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Honolulu and many other areas. It will also expand LPFM's availability in suburban and rural areas.

The PSA is airing on Hardcore J, one of the leading webcasts broadcasting Japanese popular music. The PSA is also airing on Hardcore One, a webcast that plays the theme songs from Japanese animation and other Japanese language programming. A considerable majority of Hardcore listeners are in the United States and speak English. The PSA will receive 24 plays a day on Hardcore J and 19 plays a day on Hardcore One.

Anime Hardcore Radio and Hardcore J can be found on the web at:

REC Networks is the leading provider of broadcast engineering data to to the Low Power FM (LPFM) radio industry as well as other grassroots organizations with a broadcasting agenda. REC also gets involved in FCC rulemaking proceedings in the interest of LPFM, rural telecommunications and amateur radio as well as in other broadcast related issues that affect our area of interest of Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. Celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year, REC also provides audio entertainment through it's Japanese music services Anime Hardcore Radio and Hardcore J. REC can be found on the internet at http://www.recnet.com .

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