FCCdata: Superceded applications and other fixes.

This weekend update incldues some bug fixes and some additional migration of FCCdata functionality from CDBS to eLMS and LMS:

Restored display of CDBS superceded applications and various "non-form" application types back into FCCdata.  These were never included in the initial move to eLMS.  Engineering records for those applications will be managed by the CDBS raw data and not eLMS.  

Also updated the application type table to include several EEO related codes (EEOB, EEOE, EEOM and EEOP) as well as added MLS (modify license-channel sharing).

Restored the ability to view CDBS facility level correspondence files with a link in the header.  Correspondence files will not be available on facility IDs first established in LMS (Facility ID #'s above 700000).

Fixed bug that caused the link for Online Public Inspection Files for TV stations to not display in the header.

Hardcoded an override of FCC provided tables that were describing digital TV stations (DTV) as "ETL Testing" to properly display the service name.

Minor cosmetic change to TV CDBS engineering data with DTS sites.

Added a "sidebox" on TV applications that were filed in CDBS in order to view application, authorization and link to Google map.

Fixed reported bug where LMS/eLMS Assignment applications displayed the "from" and "to" parties transposed.

Changed source for call sign history from CDBS to LMS.  This will also enable LMS created facilities (FacID > 700000) to now have a full call sign history.

Changed source of "where this call sign has been" from CDBS to LMS.

Changed source of functionality to list translators and boosters associated with a primary facility.  For FM translators/boosters (where primary station is FM or AM), we are using a combination of LMS and eLMS.  LMS raw data from the FCC does not include primary stations on LMS applications (only legacy CDBS applications moved over).  For TV, we are using only LMS data (as we believe that this functionality is working). 

Added new functionality in the eLMS FM Authorization Parser to process the associated file number (the file number of the construction permit that the authorization is either covering or modifying).  This will eventually allow us to better link application activity together.  We have put new functionality in FCCdata on granted applications where an associated application is present, it will retrieve the antenna information from the construction permit and include it in the license record.  This is because on most license applications, the antenna is not specified.  LPFM does specify the antenna.  All new authorizations will have the associated application stored.  For previous applications, we will need to run a project to retrieve and re-parse documents to retrieve this new data part. 

Addressed an issue in the eLMS FM Authorization Parser where FM Boosters were not properly handled.  


Sunday, April 4, 2021
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